About Us

About Us
Yayasan Guan Yin (YGY) was incorporated as a non-profit making organization to promote and propagate Buddhism and to work closely with other Buddhist associations to foster compassion, tolerance, peace and harmony throughout our society. Besides spreading the message of kindness and understanding, it also sets out to organize charity events and activities to alleviate the plight of the needy and unfortunate.

Registered under the Malaysian Companies Act on the 25th of May 1999, the foundation is presently located in Subang Jaya and currently enjoys a membership of about 1,000 followers.

Before its formation, a group of dedicated volunteers led by Datuk Tan Swee Lai organized the first ever large scale stage production titled “Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes Theatrical Performance”. This production featuring top class performers from China, supported by many local artistes, was a runway success with all 12 shows completely sold out. Inspired by this success, Datuk and this group of volunteers decided to form an organization to propagate the teachings of Buddha and to spread his message of kindness and compassion to all. As a result of their determination, the Guan Yin Foundation was established to further justify their noble cause and undertakings for society.

• To further develop Buddhism.
• To promote and inspire cultural education.
• To help the less fortunate.

Art & Culture Bureau
• Theatrical performances, dramas, art exhibition and choir groups.
Education Bureau
• Volunteers skill training, drama acting and directing classes, sign languages and dance classes for the deaf, self development camps, teamwork camps, dharma classes and overseas pilgrimages.
Welfare & Charity Bureau
• Blood donation campaigns, visits to orphanage, donating an ambulance to SJAB, donations to various university’s dharma societies and youth groups, volunteer vacation trips, recycling projects, helpers’ groups, puja and empowerments, and volunteers get together groups,
Publication & Information Bureau
• Publication of books, creating web pages and sites, newsletters, library project, dharma teaching transcribing group and e-books project.

Large-scale Event Production and Activities
Some of the major events we have promoted include:

  1. 1. Organized the “Thousand Eyes Thousand Arms Theatrical Performance” in 1999 and 2001 to propagate the spirit of compassion and selflessness of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. This performance was an artistic collaboration of China and local art and cultural performers, and was a success with all 22 shows being sold out.

  2. 2. Organized “Love in Heart, Kindness in Action” resource recycling project, to promote awareness about our environment.

  3. 3. Sponsored the 16th Varsity Buddhist Youths Camp.

  4. 4. Collaborated with the blood bank unit of the University of Malaya to organise blood donation campaign semi-annually, to spread the message of a loving and caring society.

  5. 5. Organized the program “Awakening Encounter – Meeting His Holiness Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche” in 2003, an event comprising Buddhist teachings and prayers, empowerment ceremonies, and large scale performances.

  6. 6. Organized “Serene Night” annually since 2001 to promote Wesak Celebration.

  7. 7. Organized “Magic Mirror - The Musical” in 2008, integrating talents from Malaysia and China with well received.

  8. 8. Initiated the choir in 2010 performing Serene Hymns to spread the message of peace and harmony to various places, during “Serene Month” in conjunction with Wesak Month celebration.

  9. 9. Organized 10 shows of the musical performance “Magic Mirror – The Musical” in 2011, in Istana Budaya, which featured highly talented casts comprising of performing artistes from Malaysia and China.

  10. 10. Leading students from ASWARA Dance Academy to join “Hongtougu” China-ASEAN Art Education Achievement meet” in November 2012.

  11. 11. Organized 6 shows of the musical performance “Magic Mirror – The Musical” in 2011, in Fo Guang Shan, Kaoh Siung, Taiwan.

  12. 12. Organized “Affinity with Nan Yang” dance performance by the top youth dancers from China and Malaysia at Istana Budaya in February 2013.

  13. 13. Joint organizer for “Chinese Ethnic Song & Dance Gala Show” at Istana Budaya in October 2013, an international dance performance featuring world renowned Dancer Mdm Yang Liping and other first class dancers from China.


观音基金会于1999年5月25日正式获得批准成立。 观音基金会的创办缘起于 1999年举办的《千手千眼》舞剧,这部由中马两国文化艺术工作者联手呈献的大型舞剧,成功在大马舞台创下十二场全程爆满的记录。




1.1 发展佛教事业


1.2 发扬及推动文化教育


1.3 致力于救急济贫工作


曾主办大型演出及活动 :




4.每年配合马大医院血库机构举办 2次的捐血运动,提倡爱心与关怀社会的讯息。




8. 2008年及2011年联合马中文化举办《宝镜音乐剧》获得大众极佳的评语及回响。




  1. 2013年10月假马来西亚国家文化宫联办《中国名家名作精品晚会》,演出团员包括由中国著名舞蹈家、艺术家:杨丽萍、于晓雪、曲比阿乌等。