[The Star] Show of Buddhist virtues

Yayasan Guan Yin (YGY) is setting the stage for local artists to shine through a performance entitled “Guan Yin Pusa a Musical”.

The traditional Chinese musical presents four stories, communicating the significance of the four Buddhist virtues known as “immeasurables” with compositions by local musician and YGY Culture and Arts Bureau head Chow Kam Leong.

Drawing from the four immeasurables — kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity — the virtues will be expressed through song and dance by Malaysian performers and features dancer Yu Xiao Xue from China.

“Hopefully, the music compositions in the production will be well-received.

“This collective musical works is aimed at cultivating positive attitudes towards our home and country,” said Chow.


Songs to be performed in the musical are composed by local musician and YGY Culture and Arts Bureau head Chow Kam Leong.

YGY secretary-general Datuk Tan Swee Lai produced the musical, hoping to foster appreciation for traditional Chinese cultural beliefs.

“The audience will see a dream-like, graceful performance, which serves as a reminder that we should always observe the four immeasurables in our daily life,” said Tan.

There will be 10 shows staged at Istana Budaya from Jan 15 to 25 and tickets are priced at RM100.

For details, call 017-8717 108 / 263 / 293, visit https://guanyin.org.my/amusical or https://www.facebook.com/GuanYinFoundation.

Source:The Star